Field of Training – 0701 “Transport and transport infrastructure”

Institute of Air Navigation

direction: 6.070102 “Air Navigation”

Speciality: Air traffic service engineer

Preparation of Air Traffic Controllers, who are responsible for monitoring air space to provide safe air traffic and to prevent potentially conflict situation, wireless communication with aircraft crew, coordination with other air traffic controllers according to the Standards and Recommended Practices of ICAO, EUROCONTROL and native standards.

direction: 6.070102 “Air Navigation”

Specialty: Air Navigation service systems engineer (specialty 7/8.100118 Systems of air navigation service)

Air navigation means an systems (air traffic planning; air navigation systems and complexes development, designing and operation); radio electronic systems of aircrafts (development, manufacturing, maintenance and repair); safety of aviation (specialists in the joined field of flight safety and aviation security, including prevention of unauthorized intrusion into the aviation activity).


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